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“Made in the Emirates” is a program that offers facilities for companies that want to develop their production capacity & market in the Middle East.


Corporate Silver
(Youth - under 30 years old)
Corporate Gold Corporate Platinum Corporate Diamond
*price without VAT (+5%) Individual
2000 AED/year

Silver4000 AED / Year Gold15,000 AED/Year Platinum50,000 AED/Year DiamondThe Administrative Board may UPGRADE a Platinum member to DIAMOND based on their efforts in supporting the Board.
Adhesion that allows access to our community Individual Silver Gold Platinum DiamondExtra benefits
The member can use the Council logo on his website in order to show his membership to our council Individual Silver Gold Platinum DiamondLogo on the first page of the Council's website
Discount for Council events Individual Silver10% Gold30% Platinum50% DiamondPersonalized assistance in negotiations & the interest of the members, from the identity of the punctual participants to the assistance in the effective negotiation
A brief description of the activities, contact details, website and logo on the Business Council website Individual Silver Gold Platinum DiamondOn-demand, free verification of companies of interest through which we will provide selected information from open & trusted sources
Free invitation to Business Council events (of your choice) all year round Individual Silver Gold2/year Platinum3/year Diamond The chance to be invited to the bimonthly private meetings organized by the President of the Council. The meetings will take place at an exclusive location depending on the topic of the meeting, together with V-VIP guests
Free verification of companies of interest through which we will provide selected information from open & trusted sources Individual Silver Gold10 verifications /year Platinum30 verifications /year Diamond
Dedicated presentation page for the business, on the Business Council website Individual Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
1 hour meeting with experts for the strategy and development of the business Individual Silver Gold Platinum Diamond

Individual Become an individual member Silver Become a silver member Gold Become a gold member Platinum Become a platinum member
First steps

Register on

Choose the membership package you want and input all your details. 

Create your own account, verify your email address and you will be contacted by one of our representatives to start the onboarding process.

Download and check the contract and our terms and conditions for your membership, sign it and upload it back.


The second step is the verification process, which has 2 steps. First step is a verification of your company details and official company documents. We match your records with the minimum onboarding requirements that our organisation has. The second step is an online interview, if you have an individual/silver membership 

For gold and platinum members a meeting on the premises of your company will be required, where an in-person interview will take place.


After your file has been approved, you will receive an invoice for your membership. After the payment is confirmed , you will be assigned a relationship manager .

You will also receive the links to register in all our affiliate programs , where you will have all the benefits that our partners have to offer. 

You will also be able to subscribe to the events available on our site for your membership type and start enjoying all that our community has to offer .

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