About us

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Khalifa Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, we have founded an organization that transforms local interests into global interests.

As Ambassador of Sustainability, His Highness represents the desire to create a healthy, transparent, honest & dedicated business environment for future generations.

Romanian Business Council is a non-profit organization that has the role of creating a super highway between the business environment in Europe & the one in the Middle East.

Having common ideals, we have created an effervescent business environment, in continuous movement where producers, investors, governmental entities and entrepreneurs meet to thrive.

We want to be a certification for sustainable partnerships, our members being companies whose creditworthiness is continuously validated by our experts. Hence our role to provide, on request, vital information such as:

  • history of companies
  • optimal ways to open new business lines in the countries of interest to the members
  • the crossing and filtering of information vital to the business environment

Romania is the country with the largest spread of romanians working abroad Romania in Europe. The business environment represented by romanians makes its presence felt both in Romania and in the major European cities, such as Vienna, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Brussels, Barcelona, Paris, etc. For this reason, when we talk about Romanian Business Council, we are actually talking about europeans and European Union.

What we do

We invite the business environment in the United Arab Emirates, Romania, European Union and any other country that wants to expand their business in a healthy way.

Our members are carefully validated and are provided with the necessary information to open businesses in the United Arab Emirates and / or in Romania.

Through our monthly events, we put together, in an informal environment, our members to exchange ideas and develop future business.

We also make special events where successful people from various backgrounds will share their experience with our Board Members.

The delegations across the world that we will organize in countries of common interest will allow our members to get in touch with the business and government environment that allows them a fast & safe expansion.

For members with specific needs, we identify governmental leads to facilitate a common language in solving special issues.

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